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    Right now, I’m trying to coast until I figure out what I need to do in life. I’m always stressed out by not having as defined a path as others. The part that’s the worse is I’m really not good at anything. I don’t say this to draw sympathy as much as I do to acknowledge a truth. Whenever I think about what I have to contribute to society and what added value comes along with my presence, I only draw up a blank. I just wish I could figure out what out is I’m destined for and what are the steps I need to take to get there.

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    Please check out my new blog, Activities with Hardwell!

    Check out my new side project, Activities with Hardwell! It’s just a fun little blog chronicling the activities my buddy Hardwell and I do together.

    And don’t forget to check out my other blog, I Heart Asian Girls, for your most up to date pictures of cute Asian girls!

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    make sure to follow our good friend enigmatt!

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    2014 Ravesume

    I thought I’d be over it by now, but for some reason, I keep coming back.

    01/23/14 - Myon & Shane 54 and Late Night Alumni (Sutra OC)
    01/24/14 - Kaskade (Create, Los Angeles)
    01/25/14 - Tiesto (Create, Los Angeles)
    01/31/14 - Dada Life (Avalon, Los Angeles)
    02/07/14 - Ferry Corsten (Exchange LA)
    03/07/14 - DJ Snake (Create, Los Angeles)
    03/17/14 - NERVO (Yost, Santa Ana)
    03/21/14 - Borgore (???, Los Angeles)
    03/23/14 - Hardwell (Petco Park, San Diego)
    04/03/14 - Sander van Doorn (Sutra OC)
    04/04/14 - Andrew Rayel (Exchange LA)
    04/19/14 - Chainsmokers (Yost, Santa Ana)
    06/20-22/14 - EDC Las Vegas
    08/01-02/14 - Hard Summer

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    Sometimes I wonder why I do the things I do. Every decision I make isn’t always there most rational one. In my mind, it makes sense at the time. But when I’m subject to facing the consequences, I can’t help but wonder how I had such a mindset.

    I feel like over the course of my life, the myriad of mistakes I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned helped me create a clearer path for my future. But it seems like every step of the way, I have to take two steps back for whatever reason. Only then do I wonder if I’ve made any progress at all.

    I always tell myself I won’t fall back into bad habits and past mindsets, that the me I strive to become is completely different from the me from before. But somehow, I always end up succumbing.

    Is there a sure fire turnaround point? Or am I going to constantly be living in this state of self dissatisfaction?

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    what am I even doing

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